Getting Started

Connecting to Mac servers provided in our MacinCloud Managed and Pay-As-You-Go server plans will utilize a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client

  • First you will need to download and extract the MacinCloud Connection files using the link provided in our “Getting Started” email. You can find setup instructions specific to your device below.

  • After connecting to the server, type in the username and password provided in your "New MacinCloud Account" email to login.

  • To avoid being overcharged, remember to log out of the remote server at the end of every session by clicking the ‘Apple icon’ in the top left and ‘Log Out <user>’. For more information on how usage hours are tracked see this article.

If you require any further assistance or experience any issues, please review this article for troubleshooting connection issues


  1. Every Microsoft Windows PC includes the "Remote Desktop Connection" app that can be used to remotely access MacinCloud Managed and Pay-As-You-Go servers without installing any additional applications! 

  2. Double click on the .rdp file with your desired screen resolution to connect.

For additional information, please view our tutorial video for step-by-step instructions on how to connect to MacinCloud servers on Windows.


Linux users can use a RDP client such as Remmina or Rdesktop to access MacinCloud servers.


Remmina RDP Client

  • Follow the instructions here to install and run Remmina
  • Import the RDP connection package from your MacinCloud new account email to use with Remmina. You can find more details in this discussion thread.



Rdesktop RDP Client

  • Follow the instructions here to install and run Rdesktop
  • Use the following server (host) information provided when you purchase a subscription to connect: 

[Your Server Name] 

Port number: 6000

No port number setting: [Your Server Name]

  • Example: if your server name is "A101," then your hostname is "" or ""

  • Now you can adjust the display settings to optimize your connection display quality. We recommend using a lower resolution and color depth for faster performance.



  • macOS users can install a free RDP client by searching for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" in the macOS App Store or download the legacy version of this app here for older macOS versions (10.8 or earlier). 
  • After installing the remote desktop app, simply double click a .rdp file to connect.



  • iPhone users can download a free RDP client by searching for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" in the iOS App Store or iTunes. iPad and iPad Pro Users can download a free RDP client by searching for "Remote Desktop Manager" in the iOS App Store or iTunes
  • Read our knowledge base article for step-by-step instructions on how to setup our recommended iOS RDP clients.


  • Android users can download a free RDP client by searching for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" in the Google Play Store.

All platforms (including Chromebook/Chrome OS)

You can also connect to the MacinCloud servers using your web browser. This is our recommended RDP client for Chromebook users. Click the following links to find connection instructions for  Managed/Pay-As-You-Go servers and Dedicated servers.