1. For all server plans

      a. Unable to login ("Login attempt failed"): ensure your credentials are being entered correctly 

  • Ensure that you are entering the username and password credentials provided in the “New MacinCloud Account” email. If you have not received this email check your spam folder.

    • Do not enter your email or web portal credentials to access your Mac server

  • Please confirm that "Caps Lock" is not turned on

  • Note that the login window uses the US-QWERTY keyboard layout by default: If you are using a different keyboard layout, be mindful to enter your username and password correctly

     b. Slow connection speed or slow performancecheck your network speed

You can gauge your local computer's network bandwidth speed (upload and download) as well as the latency between your computer and our server (ping) by visiting the 3rd-party website www.speedtest.net and clicking "Change Server". Enter a the closest Speedtest server location listed below in the ‘Search’ box and click the "Go" button to test your connection. Include a screenshot of the test result in your support ticket.

Change Server

GO Button

Your Location

Closest Speedtest Server

North America West/Mid-West

Los Angeles, CA - Frontier

North America Central

Houston, TX - Southern Broadband

North America East

New York City, NY - PVDataNet

Europe Central 
Dusseldorf - Deutsche Telekom


Maidenhead - Iomart


Singapore - PT Indosat Tbk


Windsor - Telstra


Bhusawal - Speedx broadband


  • It is recommended that your Upload Speed should be greater than 100Kbps and that your ping should be less than 150ms for reasonable performance with MacinCloud servers.

  • If you purchased fast Internet service but the speed test shows abnormal low connection speed scan your computer for viruses and try the speed test on another device

2. Make sure there are no other computers on your network that are downloading large files or streaming video/music when you are using MacinCloud

3. You may have purchased a server in the wrong region (i.e., you are in Europe but selected "North America" as your location during checkout). Please contact our support staff to request a change in your server location.


    c. Web portal connection issuesattempt alternate connection methods

  • RDP (If you're on a Managed or Pay-As-You-Go plan, or have the add-on for your Dedicated plan) as detailed in this article.

  • VNC (If you're on a Dedicated plan)



2. Plan Specific Troubleshooting

If you still experience issues after trying the steps detailed above, please try the plan specific troubleshooting steps.

a. Managed and Pay-As-You-Go servers

  • Make sure your firewall is not blocking port 6000. If you are able to connect via web browser but not your RDP client, this is most likely due to a firewall blockage. You can try temporarily disabling your firewall as well to help identify the cause for connection issues

  • Attempt to connect via the Web Portal

  • If you are experiencing slow performance or connection speed, try using the "Low Graphics" connection files in the "Advanced Users" folder when connecting to your server



b. Dedicated servers

    1. If you are experiencing slow performance or connection speed, try installing a high compression remote desktop protocol like Teamviewer or NoMachine.

    2. Reboot your MacinCloud Dedicated server through the Web Portal

  • Hover your mouse over the "My Servers" dropdown menu

  • Click "Dedicated" > "Actions" (on the Dedicated server you want to reboot) > "Reboot"

        The reboot will take about 5 minutes to complete. 

    3. If you cannot connect to your MacinCloud Dedicated server after rebooting it, please run the following commands in a terminal/command prompt and include the output in your ticket to our support staff.

  • ping [your server hostname]

  • tracert [your server hostname]

3. Contact Us

If the troubleshooting steps detailed above do not resolve your issue, please contact our support staff with the following information:

  1. Your server name and user name

  2. Attempts to resolve the issue (including those mentioned in this article). 

  3. How often the issue occurs

  4. Screenshots and error messages

  5. Steps required to recreate the issue

Please note, while we will do everything we can to accommodate your request, we do not have access to internal support resources for resolving issues with your network and cannot guarantee a resolution to issues caused by problems unrelated to our genuine macOS servers.