If you canceled your MacinCloud subscription but wish to reactivate it, you can do so in one of the three ways described below.

Through the Web Portal

  • From the dashboard, click on the subscription you wish to reactivate

  • Click the "Actions" option on your canceled subscription 

  • Click "Reactivate" 

With your Billing Management Link

  • Open the email you were sent upon purchase that contains your username and password

  •  Open the Billing Management URL Link located right below your server credentials in the email

  • Click "Reactivate" on the canceled subscription you wish to reactivate 

By Request  

  • Contact our support staff and ask that your server be reactivated. Be sure to specify which subscription you wish to be reactivated (Provide username and servername)

Note: If you canceled during a trial or your account has expired, please contact our support staff.