Issue: I canceled my MacinCloud subscription but now need to reactivate it

Cause: You wish to reactivate a subscription that you canceled in its subscription period

Note that if you canceled during a trial or your account has expired, please contact our Support Staff

Solution: There are three different ways to reactivate your subscription:

1. Through the Web Portal

  • Log onto the Web Portal
  • From the dashboard, click on the subscription you wish to reactivate
  • Click the "Actions" option on your canceled subscription 
  • Click "Reactivate" 

2. With your Billing Management Link

  • Your new account email where you received your login information, there is a Billing Management URL Link (located right below your server credentials)
  • Follow the link
  • Click "Reactivate" on the canceled subscription you wish to reactivate 

3. By Request  

  • Contact our Support Staff and ask that your server be reactivated. Be sure to specify which subscription you wish to be reactivated