If you find your payment keeps getting declined, please refer to the sections below that are relative to your payment method before contacting our support staff (Include a screenshot of the error you see). 

Using a credit card

If you are using a credit card, your payment will be declined when the billing information you provided does not match exactly as your billing statement information. You must provide accurate billing information such an accurate billing address, state/province, and zip/postal code. 

Some banks enforce a security feature where new online transactions must be verified by you before it is approved. Please contact your bank directly if they are declining your card making the payment.

Using Paypal

If you are using Paypal, you must ensure that you have a payment card that is associated with your Paypal account. Your payment will fail if the card associated with your Paypal account declines the transaction.

Please ensure the following before attempting to make the purchase again:


  • You have entered your billing information exactly how it appears from your issuing bank's statements

  • You have sufficient funds in the account you are paying from

  • Contact your bank to make sure no security feature is blocking your transaction

Other payment methods

If you are still experiencing issues, please try using a different payment method such as PayPal. This option is presented in the "Billing Info" step of the checkout.