MacinCloud Academic Plans

We offer discounted Academic Plans to current students, teachers, and school staff from government accredited, degree-granting schools (high schools, colleges, universities and other accredited educational institutions) to enjoy discounts from our service offerings for non-commercial, academic use.

Which MacinCloud Plan should I choose?

The Academic Managed Plan is recommended if you need access to a low-cost Mac server, and wish to quickly get started with our suite of pre-installed software and tools.

The Academic Dedicated Plan is recommended if you require full root/admin privileges.

Still not sure which plan is right for you? Take a look at the differences here: Which MacinCloud plan should I choose?

Note: Academic Plans do not have a trial.

Academic Plan Eligibility Requirements

If you're qualified as described above, sign up using your official school email address with ".edu" or your institution's equivalent educational domain name. 

If you do not have this kind of email address, email our support staff within three (3) days of signing up providing one (1) of the following to prove your academic status:

    1. An image of your student/teacher/staff ID card

    2. A link to an official school web page which lists you as a student/teacher/staff member

    3. Other official document indicating that you are qualified as described in this article

If the above required information is not received from your signup email account within three (3) calendar days, your account billing will be automatically converted back to the regular service pricing.

Note: Individuals from private training schools or training companies do not qualify for Academic Plans.