It is important to choose the right Plan. With so many different MacinCloud Server Plans to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Choosing the wrong Plan not only limits your ability to utilize our service immediately for your project, but also causes unnecessary frustration and can cost more for you in the long run. To help in your decision making process, we've included information about our three major Mac Server Plans below. 

If you are still confused, please contact us for a Plan recommendation. We are here to help, so do not hesitate to contact our Support Staff.

MacinCloud provides 3 major categories of Mac Server Plans

1. Dedicated Server Plans

If you need full admin/root access of the Mac server, you need a Dedicated Server Plan. Our Dedicated Server Plan provides you with full administrative control as well as upgradable CPU, RAM and Hard Drive size. It is ideal for setting up hosted web/application/database servers, build servers and development servers. 

You will receive a static IP address and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) access for initial access, after which you have full control over the server to accomplish what you need to get done. For more information, please visit the Dedicated Server Plan page.

2. Managed Server Plans

If you are looking for a low-cost cloud Mac server solution for building iOS or cross-platform Apps, completing day-to-day tasks that require a Mac, please try our Managed Server Plans

You will receive Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access information and can use any RDP client to gain access to the server. Depending on the total amount of time you need per day for accessing the server, you can choose among 3-hour, 8-hour and No Daily Limit Plans. 

If you are an infrequent Mac user, using a few hours one day, and then idle for another week or so, you should choose the Pay-As-You-Go Plan. You pre-pay for 30 hours of usage credit (Make sure you read and understand the billing rules). If you foresee that you will use more than 7 days in a month with an average of 3 hours of use per day, you will be much better off choosing from the Managed Server Plans instead.

If you are an Academic user, including students, teachers and staff of a degree-granting educational institution, you may qualify for our Academic Discount Plans

3. Build Agent Plans

If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (previously Visual Studio Online. Notice that it is different from Visual Studio 2015), and you wish to obtain the VSTS Mac Agent for Continuous Integration, you should choose the VSTS Build Agent Plan
This is a non-interactive Plan, meaning that you will not have User Interface access to the Mac through any means other than queuing your builds in the VSTS dashboard.

If you wish to use a Mac build server with Visual Studio 2015, or utilizing the Xamarin.iOS Mac build host feature, the correct plan is our Managed Server Plan with the "Enable Remote Build Port" add-on.

FAQ about MacinCloud Server Plans

  • Need a Mac server to build and publish your Apps? Start with a Managed Server Plan with the latest MacOS available selected. Most if not all app development tools are already pre-installed for you to jump-start your project. 

  • Need a trial? Please choose from Managed Server Plans. Managed Server Plans include a 24-hour, $0.99 trial period for first-time customers.

  • Need to run "server" Apps? Please choose from Dedicated Server Plans (Only Dedicated Server Plans provide you with full admin/root access to the server)

  • Need multiple accounts for teaching/learning iOS, swift and/or e-publishing? Please choose from Managed Server Plans. Managed Server Plans are low cost plans with pre-installed programming tools and applications for immediate use.

Have questions? Contact our support immediately before you sign up for the wrong plan. 

Our support is standing by to answer your questions. You can submit a new support ticket request or simply email us at