This article explains how usage can be tracked and calculated with MacinCloud Managed Server Plans, and details the available Pay-As-You-Go, Hour Daily Limit, and Day Limit Plan options. 

Always Log Off to Close Each Session

Because the login time is counted from when the user logs into the server to when they logoff, users must log off from the Apple menu to close each usage session (Apple menu > Log Out user...). Users should also close any open applications prior to logging off. As a useful tool, the Force Quit function allows a user to review all open applications and quit them. To use, simply navigate to Apple Menu > Force Quit... on the server. 

Fig. 1: The Apple menu as it appears on a server, highlighted in red

Billing Options

Day Monthly Limit Subscription Plans

Day Monthly Limit Plans allow users the flexibility of prepaying for usage days within a monthly recurring period. A day is counted as a 24-hour consecutive period from the time of first login. For example, if you login to your server account at 9am on Monday, you can access the service as much as you need until 9am on Tuesday. This will count as one day, and the total days allotted for your Plan can be used any time throughout the billing period.

If usage exceeds the day limit allotted, the user will be billed for each additional day of usage. Please remember to log-off the Mac account by using the Apple Icon > Log out after each usage.

Hour Daily Limit Monthly Subscription Plans

Usage over the "Hour Daily Limit" plan is billed at $1 per additional hour. If a user frequently exceeds the hour daily limit, the Managed Plan is subject to be automatically adjusted to a daily limit that best suits the server usage patterns. 

Users may login multiple times per day and will not be charged for additional hours as long as the total login time does not exceed the daily limit. If you have subscribed to a No Daily Limit Managed Plan, you will be able to access your server as much as you need without usage limits. Please remember to log-off of the Mac account by using the Apple Icon > Log out after each usage.

Hour Usage Calculations

Total login time is calculated by summing the total amount of time a user has been logged into the server per day. The daily sum is then rounded up to the next whole hour. Note, the day cycle is based on the server's clock. You will be billed for any and all time your account is logged in to the Mac server. You may choose the No Daily Limit Plan to avoid overtime charges.

Pay-as-You-Go Subscription Plans

Pay-As-You-Go Plans allow the user to to prepay for usage hours or days. Please note that after 60 consecutive days of non-use, the prepaid hours will expire. Expired accounts are subject to permanent removal from the server. Please remember to log-off the Mac account by using the Apple Icon > Log out after each usage.

Additional information

Billing/Cancellation Policy 

Section 2 and Section 2.2 of MacinCloud's Terms of Service