There are 2 ways to cancel your subscription:

1. Through Macincloud:

  • Create an account at with the same email used for your subscription;
  • On the left side select "Current Subscription";
  • You will see a list of your current subscriptions, click "Cancel Subscription" on the one you wish to cancel.

    2. Your Billing Management Link:

    • In the email where you received your server credentials will be a Billing Management link (located right below your server credentials) click it;
    • You will see a list of your current subscriptions, click "Cancel Subscription" on the one you wish to cancel.

    Your account will be active until the end of your subscription period.



    To make sure your subscription was canceled please look for an email titled: "SUBSCRIPTION CANCELED". If you do not receive that email it means your subscription was most likely not canceled. Try again and if you still do not receive the e-mail, please contact support.