MacinCloud provides remote access to a physical Mac server

MacinCloud is a leading remote Mac computer rental service with a global presence that provides convenient remote access to genuine Mac servers from a PC, Linux, macOS/OS X, or mobile device such iPad, iPhone and AndroidMacinCloud's services are popular for learning application and software development, building cross-platform applications, automating application testing, and much more! All backed by genuine Mac hardware hosted around the globe.

Why MacinCloud?

MacinCloud uses only genuine Apple-manufactured Mac servers, it natively supports ALL Mac software, apps, and development tools. All software and SDK tools on the servers are open-source, freeware, or trial versions ready to be activated with your licenses. Here are some of the popular featured tools and applications that you can access on our Mac servers: 

Which MacinCloud Plan should I choose?

The Managed Server Plan is recommended for users who wish to quickly start development and tasks with pre-installed Mac Applications and Tools.

The Dedicated Server Plan is recommended if you require full root/admin privileges.

Still not sure which Plan is right for you? Take a closer look at the differences here: 

Which MacinCloud Plan should I choose?