Only pay for what you need with MacinCloud's Managed Server Monthly Limit Plan, which provides access to a Managed Mac Server user account with standard permissions. Usage is prepaid for10-day or 20-day monthly limits. Monthly Limit Plans are best for users who desire flexible usage-based billing options, and wish to quickly start development and tasks with our pre-installed Mac applications and tools. Our Support Help Desk can carry out advanced administrator tasks for you upon request. 

How the Monthly Limit Plan Works

A day is counted as a consecutive twenty-four (24) hour period, and prepaid days are consumed in twenty-four (24) hour increments. For example, if your server is accessed at 11 a.m. on a given day, one full day would be expended, and the server may be freely accessed until the twenty-four (24) hour period has ended at 11 a.m. the next day. 

Usage over the prepaid day limit will be billed at $4 per additional day. Conversely, any unused days expire at the end of each billing period. To ensure that you do not surpass your day limit, you must always log off of the server properly. More information about the proper log off steps and server usage calculation is detailed in our solution: How are usage hours tracked and calculated?

Do you require full root/admin privileges to a MacinCloud Server?

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