Yes! You can use any of MacinCloud's Server Plans to create, test and submit your applications to the App Store. 

For a full overview of our different plans and their features, please see our Plan Comparison Page. We recommend choosing the latest macOS available with your Plan for access to the latest versions of app development software. 

How to submit an app to the App Store

View the up-to-date guides on how to create and submit your app to the App Store by visiting Apple's official documentation: Submitting iOS apps to the App StoreWe recommend learning about the latest capabilities to improve the discovery of your app on the App Store and deliver a high-quality app for users. 

If you experience any issues or errors when trying to submit your app, or have any questions pertaining to your Apple developer account, please reach out to Apple's developer support: Support - Apple Developer.

Note: You will have to provide your own Apple Developer credentials and licenses for creating and publishing your app as detailed on Apple's Website.