Issue: I want to make changes to my subscription (Add add-ons, change daily hour limit, add hardware upgrades.)


Solution: You can change, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription through the Web Portal

    i. View your server by hovering your mouse over your name in the top right of the screen and clicking “Subscriptions” in the drop-down menu that appears


    ii. Click “Update” on the server you wish to make changes to. 


    iii. This will open a window providing you with all the available options to make changes to your subscription (Such as purchasing or removing add-ons such as the Remote Build Port (SSH) add-on or even changing your daily hour limit. Currently Dedicated users can add hardware upgrades). 



Please note that if you wish to change from a Managed Weekly plan to a Manage Monthly plan or wish to change the operating system of your server, that it will require purchasing a new plan.