MacinCloud customers access our remote Mac servers for a wide variety of different purposes. It is easy to sign up to gain quick and convenient access to a Mac server from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Try a Mac server today by obtaining a Managed Server Plan or Dedicated Server Plan

Creative Uses of MacinCloud:

You might not have realized the potential value of MacinCloud. Here are some creative ways of using MacinCloud for conventional and unconventional tasks:

  • Build, test, and publish your apps on the App Store using your own Apple Developer account after developing with Xcode or other development software unique to Mac. 
  • Study, collaborate, compile and publish iOS and other mobile apps from a non-Mac or older Mac computer. 
  • Compile iOS and cross-platform applications that require the Mac environment. 
  • CI/CD build servers/slaves for App development and test automation.
  • Test your website on all Mac compatible browsers
  • Use free or purchased Apps from the App Store, or other Mac software vendors, and access from anywhere in the world on any mobile devices with an internet connection.
    • Your purchases are tied to your App Store account and you can use them on other compatible devices without paying for them again.
  • Digital self-publishing. There are free Apps and software that allow you to easily publish your books to iBooks store and other eBook stores. Check "iBooks Author," for example.
  • Securing contract work. If you wish to have a secure workplace for your contractor to work on your digital images, documents or programming projects, you can use MacinCloud.

Common Uses MacinCloud: 

  • Are you a beginner or experienced developer? Test, build, and launch your own applications using Mac development tools on our cloud-based Mac servers. Use our cloud Mac servers to access the latest preinstalled multi-platform app development software.

  • Are you an organization looking to run an iOS training course, or a similar equivalent? Organizations can use MacinCloud to provide their development team quick and easy access to a remote Mac for Mac development and other needs that require a Mac. 

  • Are you a student that needs access to a virtual Mac computer? The Cloud Computer Lab provides remote Mac access to students and staff who do not have a personal Mac computer, or have remote courses and assignment needs that require the Mac environment.

There are plenty more reasons why MacinCloud Mac servers can provide value in addressing your needs. 

As a general rule of thumb, the Managed Server Plan is recommended for users who wish to quickly start development and tasks with pre-installed Mac Applications and Tools, and the Dedicated Server Plan is recommended for users that require full root/admin privileges. 

Do you need help deciding which Plan is right for you? See our solutionWhich MacinCloud plan should I choose?

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