Description of Problem

When users attempt to login to their server with their Apple ID, they may encounter an error message stating that "This device is already associated with other accounts in the Apple Developer Program or the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. Please use a different device." An example image is portrayed here:


To quickly resolve this issue, please follow the steps provided:

  1. Launch the terminal application on your server
    1. This can be found by navigating to Finder > Go > Utilities > Terminal
    2. Or, select spotlight (magnifying glass icon in the top right) then search for Terminal.
  2. Run the command "sudo nvram -d platform-uuid"
  3. Then, run "sudo reboot" to reboot your server.

Once your server has been rebooted, the error message should no longer appear. Please try logging into your server with your Apple ID once more.


If you continue to experience issues logging in with your apple ID on your server, please contact our support staff.