The latest version of macOS Ventura 13.2 is now available on MacinCloud Managed Server Plans and Dedicated Server Plans

Stay on task, accomplish more, and work seamlessly with an improved user experience on macOS Ventura. The latest macOS offers new key features and Mac applications designed to improve the capabilities on a Mac. In addition, new enhancements to existing Mac applications, like improved search functions on Mail, Spotlight, and the macOS will help you work more efficiently. Safari and passkeys are now more secure and easier to use, and new features on Messages, Photos, FaceTime, and many more applications further amplifies an already powerful desktop operating system!

Bring your own software licenses to use with MacinCloud's latest servers. Try a Mac Server with macOS Ventura by obtaining a Managed Server Plan or Dedicated Server Plan to quickly get started! If you do not see the latest macOS Ventura version installed on your Managed Server, please contact our Support Help Desk for assistance.

What's New?

  • Ventura 13.1's issue that made it impossible for daemons to register with SMAppService has been fixed. It was also fixed that turning items on or off in Login Items could result in items being destroyed or ungrouped.
  • Now that Swift App Lifecycle is being used, applications can enable scriptable application parts and properties.

External Resources:

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