When initiating the Visual Studio Windows remote build iOS Simulator after "Pair to Mac" has already successfully connected to the Mac. The iOS Simulator popup on the Windows side shows a black screen without any iOS interface display and icons. Or you may see an error message: 

See a sample error message on local Visual Studio:

See a sample black screen on iOS simulator on your local machine:


This seems to be a "known issue" reported on Microsoft Visual Studio Release Note:


  1. On Visual Studio Windows, go to menu item: Tools > Options...
  2. Scroll down to the setting options for "Xamarin > iOS Settings"
  3. Uncheck the "Remote Simulator to Windows" checkbox as shown below. Notice that the build result will show up on the Mac side in a popup iOS simulator. It will no longer show a simulator on the Windows side once the checkbox is unchecked. This means that you will observe your build result on the remote MacinCloud Mac screen. You can reverse this selection once a new Visual Studio Windows version resolves the issue:

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