Conveniently code-sign your iOS app on a remote Mac server using MacinCloud's Managed Server Plan! Many developers utilize MacinCloud to deploy their iOS Applications onto Apple's App Store. 

Code-signing is a security feature introduced by macOS to certify that the an app was created by you. This feature allows the system to detect any changes to the application, and is utilized to prevent accidental or malicious code. Before you deploy any application, you must properly code-sign the application with certain certificates and requirements set by Apple. Apple's requirements must be met, otherwise the distribution of your app will be restricted.

Note: Support provided by MacinCloud Support Help Desk is limited to the installation of the Apple WWDRC certificate. We recommend looking at Apple's Native documentation for additional information outside MacinCloud's scope of support.

Additional Requirements:

  1. You must request and obtain a certificate from a Certificate Authority.
  2. You must obtain a Signing Identity certificate from Apple through their Apple Developer Program.
  3. You must utilize your own Apple ID for code-signing and distributing your iOS app to the App Store.
  4. An Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Intermediate Certificate must be present on the machine that is code signing your application. Apples WWDRC certificate comes pre-installed with every MacinCloud Managed Server.  
  5. Xcode 15 and above must be utilized when code-signing and distributing iOS Apps.

Relevant links:

Note: If you are having issues code-signing your application, please refer to Apple's Native documentation to review all details on how to code-sign your application.

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