GitKraken version 8.1.1 is now supported on MacinCloud Managed Server Plans with macOS Big Sur and later. Try a Mac Server with GitKraken pre-installed by obtaining a Managed Server Plan to quickly get started!

GitKraken is a cross-platform Git GUI that helps to increase productivity and improve workflows. The intuitive UI simplifies complex commands to a click of a button, or keystroke, and users can quickly open repos, set favorites, and organize them in project groups. GitKraken is integrated with Github, Bitbucket, and GitLab. 


What's New?

  • GitKraken CLI users can now use 'git help' to display help information about using Git
  • Windows users will now see an auto-suggest option for the 'cd' command
  • Users changing directories in the GitKraken Terminal will see auto-suggest options showing the end of the folder path rather than just the beginning. This is useful when long directory names are present.
  • Users can choose from more Keif options for their avatars when creating or editing their Profiles.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved GitKraken Terminal support for custom fonts, such as Nerd Fonts and Powerline fonts.
  • Users leveraging oh-my-posh in Powershell using custom themes will now see and be able to select auto-suggest options.
  • Users can now resize the commit panel in a GitKraken Terminal tab.
  • All Mac users are now able to use the 'gk' commands.
  • Users can now resize the merge editor tool as expected when the visualization panel is positioned to the left or right in a GitKraken Terminal tab.
  • When working with GitHub and GitLab wiki repos, GitKraken will no longer throw an error message about being unable to fetch pull requests.
  • If a user checks out a commit while in Solo mode, they will now see the HEAD tag displayed.
  • Users fetching GitHub pull requests will no longer see timeouts.


  • Requires macOS Big Sur and newer.

External Resources:

Release Notes

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