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Meta Spark Studio is an easy to use application designed to help creators develop and publish original filters and effects for social media apps, such as Facebook and Instagram. Starting a new creation is made simple for new learners and experienced creators, and Meta Spark Studio offers templates that help you expand your creativity and improve your workflow in design and 3D modeling. 

What's New?

  • A bounding box that shows a 3D object's outer edges and approximates its actual size is included in the Viewport. In addition, a 3D compass in the bottom-left corner facilitates orientation and navigation throughout the virtual world.
  • The file size limit for ad effects, Instagram, and Messenger has been raised to 6MB. Effects should not exceed 2MB for optimal reach. The 40MB file size limit for.arexport files remains the same.
  • enhanced gLTF specular extension support. Whenever a physically based material is selected, you may either import objects that make use of this property or modify them in the Inspector.

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