The latest version of Safari is now supported on MacinCloud Managed Server Plans and Dedicated Server Plans! Safari comes pre-installed, alongside Chrome and Firefox on Managed Server Plans, with the latest version of macOS Big Sur and later, for convenient access to Apple's native browser. 

Safari is a modern web browser that focuses on performance and privacy. Try a Mac Server with Safari pre-installed by obtaining a MacinCloud Managed Server Plan or Dedicated Server Plan to quickly get started.

What's New?

  • Added dark mode support for plain text files.
  • Added fingerprinting countermeasures for querying the permission state of the Notifications API.
  • New features and improvements for Browser, CSS, CSS API, Custom Elements, Forms, JavaScript, HTML, HTTP, Images, Loading, Lockdown Mode, Media, Safari Extensions, Scrolling, Text, WebAssembly, Web Animations, Web API, WebGL, Web Inspector, WebDriver, and WKWebView. 

External Resources:

Safari 16.4 Release Notes

Official Safari Homepage

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