The latest version of Safari is now supported on MacinCloud Managed Server Plans and Dedicated Server Plans! Safari comes pre-installed, alongside Chrome and Firefox on Managed Server Plans, with the latest version of macOS Big Sur and later, for convenient access to Apple's native browser. 

Safari is a modern web browser that focuses on performance and privacy. Try a Mac Server with Safari pre-installed by obtaining a MacinCloud Managed Server Plan or Dedicated Server Plan to quickly get started.

What's New?

  • Added support for the inert attribute within HTML
  • Added support and updates to Content Security Policy for the worker-src and Web Inspector
  • Added support in Safari Web Extensions for optional_host_permissions
  • Improvements and fixes to HTML, Web API, CSS, Authentication, Content Security Policy, Media, WebRTC, Rendering, Apple Pay, Web Inspector, Compatibility, SFSafariViewController, and Safari Extensions

External Resources:

Safari 15.5 Release Notes

Official Safari Homepage

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