SF Symbols 5 beta is now supported on MacinCloud's Managed Servers Plans and Dedicated Server Plans. Use MacinCloud's Mac Servers to access and use the iconography library SF Symbols 5 beta, which provides seamless integration with Apple's system font San Francisco. It comes with hundreds of new symbols, a new inspector, new features for custom symbols and enhanced color customization.

What's New:

  • 700+ new symbols.
  • Icons have been redesigned and fine-tuned to seamlessly integrate with dynamic animations, featuring layers that react to various animation effects.
  • Crafting personalized symbols is now swifter and more streamlined through the use of symbol components. These components comprise a collection of enclosure shapes, badges, and slashes that seamlessly integrate into custom symbols.


Requires macOS Big Sur or newer.

External Resources:

Official Website

Release Notes

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