Before beginning development with Android SDKs or with Visual Studio, setting and repairing your SDK paths is crucial for Android Development. This guide will walk through the required steps to properly setup and repair your SDK paths. 

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Step-by-step Guide:

  1. Open Android Studio and proceed with the setup wizard.
  2. Do not import any previous configurations and continue, when prompted for the HAXM install, please hit cancel to finish the installation of your SDK.
  3. Go to Visual Studio> Preferences > Projects > SDK Locations > Android > Locations and fill in the following information in its respective input box.
    • Android SDK Location: /Users/<your user account>/Library/Android/SDK
    • Android NDK Location: /usr/local/bin
    • Java JDK Location: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/<JDK of choice>/Contents/Home
  4. Once you have set your paths, click repair on the bottom right. If the paths are correct in identifying the specific software, you should exit without any errors.


If you run the setup wizard in Android studio before opening up Visual Studio for your first time, Visual studio will automatically fill in the location paths of your SDK that was installed during the Android Studio setup wizard.

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