The latest version of GitHub Desktop is now supported on MacinCloud Managed Servers. Easily access and manage your projects or make commits with the intuitive GUI application offered by GitHub! Try a Cloud Mac Server with GitHub Desktop pre-installed by obtaining a Managed Server Plan to quickly get started!

GitHub Desktop is for both beginner and experienced developers that want to streamline their development workflow. GitHub Desktop can help you manage your projects, create significant commits, and log the project's history without using command line.

What's new?

Github Desktop v2.9.4 has these updates and fixed issues:


  • Add syntax mapping for HAML
  • Add support for WezTerm on macOS
  • Add a menu item to view a committed file change on GitHub

Fixed Issues

  • Diffs are scrolled to the top when switching between files. 
  • Fix SSH Prompt for unknown hosts in some scenarios. 
  • Apply syntax highlighting when viewing a small change for the first time. 
  • Wrap long email addresses in the misattributed commit warning popover. 
  • Refresh diffs when application receives focus. 

External Resources:

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