The latest version of Visual Studio Code is now supported on MacinCloud Managed Servers. Try a Mac Server with Visual Studio Code support by obtaining a Managed Server Plan to quickly get started!

Visual Studio Code is a streamlined code editor with support for development operations like debugging, task running, and version control. It aims to provide just the tools a developer needs for a quick code-build-debug cycle. 

What's New?

Visual Studio Code version 1.59.1 comes with many updates, including:

  • Extensions view improvements - Rich extension detail hovers, new runtime status tab.
  • Settings editor validation - Quickly find editing errors for object-based settings.
  • Drag and drop terminals - Move terminals across windows to both editor and panel areas.
  • Extended theme customization - Customize multiple color themes at once.
  • Built-in support for Jupyter notebooks - Open .ipynb files directly in VS Code.
  • Notebook UI improvements - Display first line of collapsed cells, Undo/Redo per cell.
  • Testing API finalized - Native support for running tests in VS Code with built-in Test Explorer.
  • Debug Disassembly view preview - Display disassembled C++ code in VS Code.
  • Live Preview extension - Live HTML preview within VS Code with JavaScript debugging support.
  • Remote - Containers devcontainer CLI - Command line interface for working with development containers.

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