Apple's latest Mac Model with Apple Silicon M1, is now available at MacinCloud! Obtain an Apple M1 Managed Server Plan to quickly get started!

Apple Silicon M1 Managed Server Plans are currently available in the following regions:

Why use Apple M1?

  • If you are looking to develop and test your applications on an Apple M1.
  • If you want to test Apple's newest hardware and play with Apple's newest 8-core processor.
  • If you want to test or play with Apple's Neural Engine that is integrated within the Apple M1 CPU.

Are there compatibility issues with the Apple M1? 

There may be terminal commands, libraries, and frameworks that were previously compatible with Intel-based macs that are not compatible with Apple M1 macs. It is essential to determine if your current workflow would work on an Apple M1 server without any issues. 

Interested in MacinCloud Managed Servers?

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Do you require full root/admin privileges on a MacinCloud Server?

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