If your cursor is displayed as a question mark, this is a reference to an old macOS help function. This is normally triggered by pressing the "insert key" on a Windows keyboard, which is not normally found on Mac keyboards.

To resolve the issue with the "?" cursor, do the following:
1. Tap the "Insert" key on your Windows keyboard to exit the insert mode;
2. Right click your mouse to clear it out.


3. Logout and make sure the "Reopen windows" checkbox is UN-checked and then log back in.

Try it and see it works out for you. You should also check if you have installed the driver for both your mouse and keyboard locally. The drives are not required for keyboard or mouse to function on your local PC, but they are important for remote access because remote access relies on standard RDP protocol, which may be affected by generic driver that is not always installed locally.

If you experience any issues following these steps, please contact our support staff.