What are Launch Daemons vs Agents?

A Launch Daemon is a computer program that runs as a system level background process and not directly under a users interactive session. Agents are very similar to Daemons, an Agent is a computer program that runs as a background process directly under a users session. 

Agents can also run at a system level during the users session. Agents that run at a System Level and any form of Launch Daemon are supported on MacinCloud Dedicated Servers. 

Agents that run at the user level are supported on both MacinCloud Managed and Dedicated Servers. 

Where can user level Agents be installed on a Managed Server?

Users have access to create user agents that run at the user level. As they have complete access and control over ~/Library/LaunchAgents

How can I run Launch Daemons with MacinCloud?

If you want to run Launch Daemons, you will require a Dedicated Server Plan. Visit the Dedicated Server Plan page to learn more about our Dedicated Servers. 

For more information about Launch Daemons and Launch Agents, please refer to Apple's native documentation here.

Interested in MacinCloud Managed Servers?

Visit the Managed Server Plan page to obtain a Managed server.

Do you require full root/admin privileges on a MacinCloud Server?

Find out more about MacinCloud Dedicated Server Plans.