The Web Portal has a server account sharing feature, which provides users with the ability to share server access with another users' Web Portal account for team collaboration. 


  • You can share access to your web portal server account with 1 other user. 
  • Sharing provides the user with full portal access for a specific server account.
  • Sharing will not provide your password to the other user, and you should securely share your login credentials on your own. 

Share your account through the web portal

To share access to your Web Portal server account, follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Web Portal account at

2. Once you have logged in, hover over your account profile on the upper right corner and click "My Profile"

3. Click "Share My Account" tab located on the right side of "Account Settings"

4. Click "Share Account" to open up the account sharing modal.

5. Choose the server that you would like to share, insert the email of the account you would like to share, and then click "Share"

6. The newly shared Web Portal account will now be able to utilize the Web Portal connection method of the shared server, as detailed in our solution: Access your MacinCloud server through a web browser

Note: You will only be able to share a server once to one other account user. If you wish to share the server again you will need to remove the user that it is currently shared with.  

If you experience any issues with sharing your account, please contact our support staff.