You may encounter the following error messages when attempting to add or re-establish connection for your managed server account for remote build on Visual Studio for Windows (Remote build port SSH addon is required for all Visual Studio remote build needs):


1. You may run the following command in the Mac Terminal to resolve this issue:

chmod 777 ~/.config

If you encounter an error while running the above command "chmod: ... No such file or directory," it means that you do not need to apply this workaround. If you have the "Enable Remote Build Port" addon applied on your server account, you should be able to establish remote build connection from Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition.

2. You could also try deleting the "authorized_keys" inside ~/.ssh


It appears that Visual Studio for Mac requires the write permission to the ~/.config folder.

For users who need a Mac for remotely build cross-platform applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, please use our MacinCloud Managed Server Plans with the addon "Enable Remote Build Port."