Use the appropriate connection file

After downloading your RDP connection files as directed in the email containing your login information, you will find that the .zip you acquired contains a variety of connection files.

Using the resolution of your native monitor for reference, simply use the connection file labeled with that same resolution when connecting to your server.

If you do not see a connection file that matches your native monitor's resolution or experience other issues with this, please read on below.

Manually adjust with RDP's "Display" option

The exact steps to find and adjust your RDP's display options varies depending on the RDP software you choose to use, though most should have a 'Display' or 'Resolution' setting in the software's appropriate settings/options/preferences. 

Here is an example step-by-step on how to do this with Microsoft Remote Desktop:

    1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop

    2. Click 'Preferences'

    3. Click 'Resolution'

    4. Click your desired resolution 

    5. Connect to your server directly through Microsoft Remote Desktop (After adding it to your server list by clicking 'New')

If you need a 4k display

If you have a 4k native monitor, note you will need to choose the appropriate add-on during checkout when purchasing your server for this to work. Standard connection files without this add-on and standard RDP options will not provide a 4k display option.

If you already have a server and wish to have 4k display capability, please reach out to our support staff.

If you continue to experience issues with connecting to your server with a fullscreen display, please contact our support staff.