On your Linux computer, you will need a Remote Desktop Application that allows you to access MacinCloud. We recommend using Remmina or Rdesktop

Connect using Remmina

For Remmina:

    1. Follow the installation instructions on this page: https://remmina.org/how-to-install-remmina/

    2. Import the RDP connection package from your MacinCloud new account email to use with Remmina.

You can find further details in this discussion thread.

Connect using Rdesktop

For Rdesktop, p download the software before executing the following steps:

    1. Run the Rdesktop application on your Linux computer.

    2. Use the following information to connect:

    Server (Host): [Your Server Name].MacinCloud.com 

    This will depend on your account. You will receive your server name after your purchase. If your server name is "A101," then your hostname is "A101.macincloud.com".

    Port number: 6000

    If there is no specific setting for port number, please use the format: "A101.macincloud.com:6000"

    3. Now you can adjust the display settings optimize your connection display quality. We recommend you to use a lower resolution and color depth first to ensure faster performance.

    4. After connecting to the server, type in your assigned username and password to connect. To log off, please make sure to use the "Apple icon > Log Out..." on the remote server.

If you require any further assistance or experience any issues, please contact our support staff.