Connect with the Remote Desktop app

1. On your iOS device, you will need a Remote Desktop App that allows you to access MacinCloud. We highly recommend a free app made by Microsoft called "Microsoft Remote Desktop" which you can find in the App Store. Download and install it.

2. Run the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" App on your iPad or iPhone. Press the "+" button at the right upper corner to add a new connection.

3. Select "Desktop", and input: PC Name: [Your Server Name]

This "PC Name" field is used to tell the App which server to connect to. In our case, the server is a Mac server. You will receive your server name together with your server login username and password through email after your purchase. If your server name is "A101," then you should input "" in this field. Notice that there is a ":" right before "6000".

User Name: [Your User Name]]

These two fields are all we need to input in order to initiate the connection. Press the "Save" button at the right upper corner, and you will see a new connection icon is created. Simply press the icon to initiate a connection.

4. On the next screen, press the "Don't ask me for connections to this computer" switch, and press the "Connect" button at the right upper corner.

5. Now, the "Credentials" page allows you to review your connection information. Make sure the server information and "User Name" is correct. Type your password on this page. You could also do it after you see the Mac login screen. We do not recommend you save password on this page, so do not turn on the "Store user name and password" switch. 

6. Now, press "Done" at the right upper corner to initiate the connection. If you already typed in your password in the previous screen, you are now connected to the Mac. If not, you should see the Mac login screen and you can type your password to log in.

Remember to log off your account by using the Apple Icon > Log Out option when you're finished with a usage session. Be aware that simply disconnecting or closing the app will not log you off your Mac server account.

If you have any questions, please contact our support staff.