Use the Mac Keyboard Layout Viewer

You can see what keys are mapped to your specific model of keyboard with the Mac Keyboard layout Viewer. To access it, execute the following steps:

    1. Click the Apple Icon on your server (In the upper left corner of the server window)

    2. Click 'System Preferences'

    3. Click 'Keyboard'

    4. Select the 'Keyboard' tab

    5. Check the box that reads 'Show keyboard viewer in menu bar'

    6. In the upper right corner of the screen a new icon should appear where the country flag icon used to be. 

    7. Click it and select 'Show Keyboard Viewer.'

This will show you a keyboard layout map. Simply press keys on your own physical keyboard to see what it maps to on the MacOS keyboard layout.

Use your RDP connection file if you're facing issues

If you're faced with keyboard mapping issues, make sure you're connecting to your server with the RDP connection files provided to you in the email containing your login information and instructions. Try this instead of connecting through the web browser. 

Make sure your keyboard language layout and region language are accurate

If you continue to face issues, make sure that you are using the right language and keyboard language settings for you. These can be configured as detailed:

    1. Change keyboard layout: Change Keyboard to non-English layout

    2. Change server language: How do I change the language on my MacinCloud server?