Issue: You are not able to access your cloud Mac after extended period of time after upgrading your dedicated server macOS.

Cause: Upgrading any OS requires extra carefulness. We highly recommend that you backup your critical files before attempting to upgrade your OS. Generally macOS upgrade will take about 1-2 hours. You should not attempt to use the reboot feature through the web portal during this period of time, otherwise you may cause file corruption which may lead to failed OS upgrade or causing the server not be able to boot up. Please note that 


If you are attempting to upgrade from any macOS to Mojave macOS (10.14.x) or later, you should first contact us before attempting to upgrade your macOS, as Mojave requires the new Apple file system APFS and it may require special attention during OS upgrade. Please contact us and provide you dedicated server name so we can assist you to complete the macOS upgrade.


You should follow theses steps if your server is not able to boot up after OS upgrade:

    1. Give your server about 2 hours to complete the OS upgrade or update;

    2. If you are still not able to connect after 2 hours, please use the reboot feature under the action menu next to your "dedicated server" list at;

    3. After attempting the reboot, if you observe an error from the portal, or still not be able to access your server after 1 hour once the reboot was successful, please issue a support             request through our ticket system so we can take a visual and provide you assistance.