Development with Flutter is supported on MacinCloud's Managed Server Plans. In fact, users do not require admin access to install Flutter, and Managed or Pay-As-You-Go users can install Flutter without assistance. Flutter can be installed at a user-level by following these Flutter installation instructions within the section titled, "Downloading straight from GitHub instead of using an archive".

Conveniently try Flutter with a Mac Server by obtaining a Managed Server Plan to quickly get started! If you experience any issues installing or utilizing Flutter, please contact our Support Help Desk.

Note: For more advanced Flutter use cases, you may run into permission restrictions and limitations using MacinCloud's Managed Server Plan, as you will not have admin/sudo privileges. 

Certain development components and automation processes for Flutter may also require sudo/admin access. If you want full access for development, and the capability to install any tools and applications you need, we recommend using our Dedicated Server Plan.

Additional Flutter Resources: 

Do you require full root/admin privileges on a MacinCloud Server?

Visit the Dedicated Server Plan page to obtain a Dedicated Server.