If you are observing an error labelled "Xamarin.iOS versions mismatch" on your Visual Studio for Windows and you are not able to proceed with "overwrite" as suggested by the error message:

This is because your local Visual Studio Xamarin version and remote Mac version is mismatching. 

Either your local Visual Studio for Windows needs update or your MacinCloud server need a more recent version of Xamarin.iOS SDK. Note this may involve acquiring a new server with a newer OS as more recent versions of Xamarin.iOS are only compatible with newer operating systems.

Update Visual Studio

Update your local Visual Studio for Windows to the latest version:

  • Open Visual Studio for Windows on your machine 

  • Navigate to the Help menu 

  • Click Check Update

  • Download and apply the latest Visual Studio update

 If you continue to see a similar error on your local Visual Studio after applying the latest update, please contact our support staff.

Note: If your MacinCloud Mac server has an earlier version of macOS that does not support the latest Xcode, you may need to switch to the latest macOS to access the latest Visual Studio for Mac and Xamarin components.