Vellum version 2.8.9 is now supported on MacinCloud Managed Server Plans. Try a Mac Server with Vellum pre-installed by obtaining a Managed Server Plan to quickly get started!

Vellum is an eBook creation tool that lets users easily create eBooks from a text manuscript or from scratch within the application. Choose a desired style from a variety of options, view instant previews of the finished product, and easily generate and regenerate eBooks and print editions with a single click. Bring your own Vellum account and license to log in to the Vellum app on MacinCloud servers for the full version features. 


What's New:

  • Fixes for issues with print generation that could occur in Monterey. 


  • Requires macOS Mojave and newer.
  • If running macOS Monterey, make sure Vellum is updated to version 2.8.9.

External Resources:

Vellum blog

Official website

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