Getting familiar with the macOS

If you're used to Windows or a different operating system and aren't familiar with the Mac OS, we recommend exploring the Applications folder to start. 

You can access this by opening ‘Finder’ (It is the leftmost icon in the dock at the bottom of the server screen) and then clicking on 'Applications'. This will display all the software that is currently installed on your server.

MacOS guides 

For further guides on how to navigate through the macOS, we recommend checking out these tutorials:

1. Apple's Official Tutorial - Covers Mac basics, such as using applications and setting preferences

2. Appducate's 10 Tips - Covers 10 basic tips that every new Mac user should know, such as Force Quitting applications and closing/minimizing windows

3. Anson Alexander's Video Tutorial - Covers Mac basics for current PC users, such as searching for files

4. Howcast's 5 Shortcuts Video - Covers 5 helpful keyboard shortcuts on the Mac, such as switching between windows