Enabling audio with your MacinCloud Server is possible on both the Managed and Dedicated Server Plans. The Managed Server Plan has greater limitations compared to the Dedicated Server Plan. See below to understand the capabilities of each.

MacinCloud Managed Server Plan:

Note: Only Managed Server Plans with macOS Mojave support sound from the Safari browser and the system. iOS Simulator sound is not supported on any macOS. To test apps with sound, the best practice is to utilize Apple Testflight (https://developer.apple.com/testflight/)

Use Sound Enabled RDP connection files

You will need to connect to your server using the connection files in the folder labeled "Sound Enabled". Do the following:

1. Download your MacinCloud connection files from the email containing your login information 

2. Open the folder

3. Open the sub-folder labeled "Sound Enabled" 

4. Double-click on the connection file of your choice to connect to your server with the sound enabled:

If you do not hear any audio for any reason after trying this, please contact our support staff.

Visit the Managed Plan page to obtain a Managed Server.

MacinCloud Dedicated Server Plan:

To use sound on a MacinCloud Dedicated server you will need a Dedicated Server Plan with macOS Big Sur. Simply use the Remote Desktop Application Splashtop to utilize sound capabilities with your server. 

Visit the Dedicated Plan page to obtain a Dedicated Server.