If you run "remotebuild certificates generate" and encounter an error like:

                    throw error;
One or both of required CA files ~/.taco_home/remote-builds/certs/ca-key.pem and ~/.taco_home/remote-builds/certs/ca-cert.pem not found.

This could be because of two reasons: 

1. The generated identity does not match the one being accessed. In this case you need to reset and generate the certificates again

2. Your RemoteBuild.config is corrupted or misconfigured. In this case you can delete the config file and run remotebuild again to create a correct configuration file

Reset the certificates

Use the following commands:

remotebuild certificates reset
remotebuild certificates generate

Delete your existing RemoteBuild.config

Use the following commands:

rm ~/.taco_home/RemoteBuild.config

Note: Make sure to answer "n" (no) to ALL remotebuild prompts. The reason is that brew, cordova, and all the tools you need for "remotebuild" are already installed. Do not attempt to reinstall those tools on your Managed server account as you do not have administrator/root/sudo access. 

Please contact our support staff if you need more assistance.