Upgrade your server's hardware through the web portal

If you need more cores, larger HD space, or more RAM, you can upgrade your server through the web portal:

1. Log onto the web portal

2. Click "Subscriptions"

3. Click "Update" on the Dedicated server you wish to change the hardware configuration of

4. Select the upgrades you want and then confirm

Upgrades are automatically applied and are ready approximately 5 minutes after purchase.

Format your external hard drive

If you upgraded your Dedicated server with an external hard drive you will need to format it before use with the following steps:

1. When you first log onto your server you will automatically be prompted with the following box. Select "Initialize..." to continue. 

2. Select the correct disk to format. Notice the drive selected does not have a sub drive associated with it. 

3. Select "Erase" and enter the new name for your External HD. This will complete the process: Your new hard drive is now ready for use.