With the Managed and  Pay-As-You-Go server plans you are not given administrator credentials (as discussed in Need Administrator Password solution). 

Note: When you try to install some software on the Managed server it may prompt you for an administrator password. If this happens you may contact our 

Support Help Desk to request the software be installed (see procedure 4)



  1. Check Finder > Applications. The software you are trying to install or request might already be installed on the server.
  2. Check the App Store. Software from the App store can usually be installed without administrator assistance.
  3. Check Finder > Managed Software Center. In the Managed Software Center you can select "Software" tab in the upper left. This will display software you can install on the server. You can install these programs without having to contact support.
  4. If the software is not in Applications or the Managed Software Center you can contact our Support Help Desk to request the software be installed. Please place the installation file in your Downloads folder on the server. 

  Note: Some software are not supported on the Managed and Pay-As-You-Go servers and require upgrading to a Dedicated Server Plan.*