With the Managed and Pay As You Go server plans you are not given administrator credentials (as discussed in Need Administrator Password solution and on the MacinCloud website), however you are able to install Self-Contained Software and most App Store Applications that do not require administrative permission. 

Please note that the Dedicated Server plan provides users with administrator/sudo/root access and if you wish to install software without any assistance you will need a Dedicated Server plan.

What to do if you need a specific app on your server

1. Check Finder > Applications. The software you are trying to install or request might already be installed on the server.

2. Check the App Store. Software from the App store can usually be installed without administrator assistance.

3. Check Finder > Managed Software Center. In the Managed Software Center you can select "Software" tab in the upper left. This will display software you can install on the server. You can install these programs without having to contact support.

4. If the software is not in Applications or the Managed Software Center, try installing it in your user folder or through the app store as detailed below:


Installing self-contained software

    1. After downloading, simply open the file, and then drag the self-contained folder onto your desktop (Instead of dragging into the Applications folder). It will now run as if it were placed in the Applications folder and not require you to contact support. 


Installing App Store applications

    1. Open the “Finder” application and click on the “Applications” tab.

    2. Click on the “App Store” application and find the application you wish to install.


    3. Click "Get" on the app you wish to install and then "Install App". Note that you will be prompted for your personal Apple ID login which is different from your login credentials. 

If you are unable to install the software yourself, please contact our support staff for assistance. Make sure to provide the official download link for the software in your support request.

Note: Some software is not supported on Managed and Pay As You Go servers. This will require changing to a Dedicated server plan.