Use ProGuard to reduce the size of your code and resources, making your Android APK file as small as possible.

Default version ProGuard that comes with Android SDK is v3.7. At MacinCloud, we provide users with the latest ProGuard version to support your latest Android build needs. ProGuard is installed on the latest VSTS Agent Servers. 

MacinCloud VSTS Agent Plan allows Microsoft VSTS users to build cross-platform apps using C#, Java, Android SDK, Cordova, NodeJS, Xamarin and other popular programming languages and frameworks to achieve Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Connect your free Microsoft VSTS account to a MacinCloud VSTS Build Agent, a hosted agent solution exclusively available through MacinCloud Mac build platform. 

For prior VSTS Agent Plan users who may still have the agent on a legacy Mac server, please contact our support to obtain the latest update.

To know more about ProGuard, see: