The Dedicated Server Plan

If you require full admin/root/sudo access to a Mac server, then you will need MacinCloud's Dedicated Server Plan

Our Dedicated Server Plans provide you with full administrative control as well as upgradeable CPU, RAM and storage size of your server. This plan is ideal for setting up hosted web/application/database servers, build servers, and development servers. 

You will receive a static IP address and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) access for connecting to the server, after which you will have full control over the server to set up other connection methods if you prefer (such as with TeamViewer, NoMachine, or other software). For more information, please visit the Dedicated Server Plan page.

Dedicated plan features

For a full list of the specifications and features of the Managed plan, please visit the Dedicated Server Plan page.

Note: Dedicated Server Plans do not include a trial and you must bring all your own software licenses