The Managed server plan

If you are looking for a low-cost cloud Mac server solution for building iOS or cross-platform Apps, completing day-to-day tasks that require a Mac, or publishing your app to the App Store, then try out our Managed server plan

You will receive Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access files and login credentials which will allow you to use any RDP client to gain access to the server. Depending on the total amount of time you need per day for accessing the server, you can choose among 3-hour, 5-hour, 8-hour and no limit usage time plans. If you're not sure how much usage time you may need, we recommend starting with the 3-hour daily limit.

Use the Pay As You Go plan if you'll use your server infrequently

If you are an infrequent Mac user (As in using your server for only a few hours every now and then), you should choose the Pay As You Go plan. With this plan you pre-pay for 30 hours of usage credit (Make sure you read and understand the billing rules) and can utilize them at your leisure. 

If you foresee that you will use more than 7 days in a month with an average of 3 hours of use per day, you will be much better off choosing from the Managed server plans instead.

Managed plan features

For a full list of the specifications and features of the Managed plan, please visit the Managed server plan page.