Problem: When using CoronaSDK, the build process failed due to iOS SDK mismatch. CoronaSDK asks for iOS SDK 9.0 but the server has a later version iOS SDK 9.2

Cause: As of this writing, the latest Xcode CoronaSDK supports is Xcode 7.0.x, but MacinCloud Servers may have the latest Xcode 7.2.x. The default Xcode Command Line Tool path (xcode-select) is set to the default Xcode 7.2.

Solution: For Managed Server users, you may overwrite the xcode-select path by setting the DEVELOPER_DIR variable.

After logging in, open Terminal and set DEVELOPER_DIR:


> export DEVELOPER_DIR = "/Applications/" 


Run CoronaSDK through terminal command line:


> /Applications/CoronaSDK/Corona\ Terminal


This will change xcode-select path to Xcode 7.0.1.

If your server does not have Xcode 7.0.x, please contact [email protected]