CoronaSDK may support an older version of Xcode but your MacinCloud server likely has the latest version. The default Xcode Command Line Tool path (xcode-select) is set to what is installed on the server

Change the directory

For Managed and Pay-As-You-Go users, you may overwrite the xcode-select path by setting the DEVELOPER_DIR variable:

1. After logging in, open Terminal and set DEVELOPER_DIR to the version of Xcode that is supported by CoronaSDK (In this example, 7.0.1):


> export DEVELOPER_DIR = "/Applications/" 


2. Run CoronaSDK through Terminal:


> /Applications/CoronaSDK/Corona\ Terminal


In this example, this will change xcode-select path to Xcode 7.0.1.

If you experience any complications when executing these steps, please contact our support staff.