We are glad to offer VSTS Build Agent Plan for Visual Studio Team Services (Previously Visual Studio Online) users to build cross-platform iOS Apps using our MacinCloud platform. This MacinCloud Build Agent Plan provides Mac build agents to users who seek Continuous Integration using VSTS.

Whom is this plan designed for

This plan is designed for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) users for Continuous Integration. If you are seeking remote build capabilities for Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin, you should instead choose from our Managed Server Plans or Pay-As-You-Go Plans, with the "Enable Remote Build Port" add-on selected at the time of checkout.

Here are the steps to ensure proper settings of VSTS Mac build agents using this plan

Important Note: You are provided ONE complementary "private" agent slot in your Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) account. You may use this agent slot with our MacinCloud VSTS Build Agent Plan. For acquiring more VSTS agent slots, please visit HERE.

1. You must have a Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services account. If not, please Sign up for Visual Studio Online Services.2. Sign up for our MacinCloud VSTS Build Agent Plan either from this webpage or signup through our portal

Next, add your user to the Agent Pool Administrators group in VS Team Services.

  • Go to Account Admin (the gear in the upper right) > Control Panel > Agent Pools tab > All pools
  • Add your user to Agent Pool Administrators group

4. Create an “Access Token” for the agent in VS Team Services. This will allow MacinCloud Build Agents to connect to your VSTS account.

  • In VS Team Services, click on your user name in the upper right hand corner > My Profile
  • Now go to Security > Personal Access Tokens > Add
  • Give it a name, set the timeout to 1 year or longer
  • Make sure to select "All scopes" under the "Authorize Scopes" option. This step is critical.
  • Click the "Create Token" button and a personal access token will be shown to you.
  • Make sure you save the token to a safe place. You need it later and it will not appear again in your VSTS account.

5. Log in to your MacinCloud Portal and go to the "My Agents > VSTS Agents" menu item. You should see your new MacinCloud Build Agent purchase showing up there. Click the edit icon to configure a new agent. If you do not see any available agents there, please make sure you have logged in with the same email or social login you used during your purchase. If you have questions, please contact our support.

6. Set up your agent for the first time. Under "My Agents > VSTS Agents", click the "edit" button next to your new agent. You will see the "Edit VSTS Agent" popup.

  • Pool Name: This must match your VSTS pool name. If you have not created a pool in VSTS, Please leave the "default" pool name setting alone. If you did create a pool, or wish to join the agent to an existing pool, please make sure you completed Step #3 above. Notice that the "pool name" cannot be set to "hosted", as the "hosted" pool is reserved for Microsoft Hosted Agents
  • Agent Name: This is the name that will show up in your VSTS Agent Pool. If you have multiple agents, please select a unique name for each agent. Multiple agents allows you to concurrently build multiple jobs at the same time. In order to have multiple agents, you must first purchase more Microsoft VSTS agent slots by clicking here
  • Input your VSTS URL. (e.g. If your VSTS site is "https://myteam.visualstudio.com", enter "myteam" to complete the URL field)
  • Copy your VSTS personal access token from Step #4 to the "Microsoft Access Token" field.

When you complete the form, click "Save". The system will take your input and set up an agent. Repeat the above steps for every MacinCloud VSTS Build Agent you are entitled to. Each agent will take about 30 seconds to connect. If you need help or the agent is taking too long to connect, please contact our support.7. Upload Signing Identities. After your agent is set up, you may use the "Action > Upload Certificate" menu item next to each agent to upload your certificate .cer file or .p12 file with its password You may also use "Action > Upload Provisioning Profile" menu item to upload your mobile provisioning .mobileprovision file to the agent. This step is optional. 

  • If you upload your .p12 file, make sure to provide the .p12 password
  • Your files will be inserted to your agent within about 60 seconds

8. Observe the MacinCloud VSTS agent connection in VSTS. Go to your VSTS account > "Control Panel", and then click on the "Agent pools" tab. You should see MacinCloud build agent appear under the build agent pool you have chosen. 

If you have any questions or difficulties to connect your agent, please submit a Support Request and we will assist you.

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